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Corporate social responsibility Assuming responsibility: we’re committed to it!

As operator of the largest chemical park in Bavaria and mid-sized company primarily active in the Bavarian Chemical Triangle, InfraServ Gendorf assumes a special responsibility – for the company and its employees, for our neighbors and for the environment and the region which we live in. And we are only too happy to live up to this responsibility, since it is not only a matter of our self-conception, it’s also part of our understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Learn more about what we do to live responsibilty in our Sustainabilty Report (only in German).

Environment & safety

At InfraServ Gendorf, protecting people and the environment always takes priority over economic interests – without compromise. more

Social affairs & society

InfraServ Gendorf considers itself to be part of society. As such, we maintain a good relationship with our neighborhood and get involved in the social life in our region. more


Spur them on to great achievements without losing sight of the individual. This is the expression of ISG corporate culture, which promotes the know-how and passion of its own employees. more

Economic responsibility

The trust of our customers, business partners, suppliers, authoritiesand shareholders is a valuable commodity for InfraServ Gendorf. For that reason, our business operationsare characterized by integrity, fairness, respect and responsibility. more



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