Passionate Commitment for Our Customers and Responsibility for the Environment & Society

At InfraServ Gendorf, we have a clear understanding of our values and our future developments. Our underlying purpose consists of satisfied customers: we ensure that your plants run smoothly, and you are always a step ahead of the competition.

How do we accomplish this? By fostering the professional passion of our employees. By bundling their ambitions and special know-how in such a manner that the ultimate outcome is a solution that can stand up to time. We listen wellto our customers, and take the time to study their needs in detail. But we are also not afraidto critically challenge plans, and to develop solutions that dapart from original expectations – provided we can attain our customer´s ultimate objective a little more cost-effectively or sustainably. Passion combined with a clear vision of customer benefits – this is the fertile ground on which InfraServ develops precisely the innovative solutions that bring our customers to the next level.

 Our work is framed by our responsibilities toward customers, the environment, and society. Anyone, such as InfraServ Gendorf, who operates a chemical park and works for the chemical industry has a special responsibility. We always prioritize safety, health, and environmental protection concerns ahead of economic considerations. And even more:

Our safety and environmental services are designed to improve the circumstances for people and the environment, within and outside of the chemical park. Our values are shaped by customer benefit, passion, and responsibility – now and into the future.

Our mission statement

ONE COMPANY - Our mission statement is our self-conception. It describes our goal, our purpose, and our core values and thus forms the framework for our daily activities.


Our Vision

We are the benchmark for the most attractive chemical site operator.

Our mission

We offer trendsetting integrated solutions for the chemical industry.

Our Values

Customer benefit 

  • We look at the world through the eyes of our customers. Their benefit is always in the focus of our work.
  • We cooperate with reliable partner companies in case of jobs that could not be done better by ourselves.
  • We achieve verifiably good and measurable results with our work.


  • With our efforts, we secure the international competiveness of our industrial site.
  • We meet our high quality and service standards company-wide and work safe - or not at all.
  • We value our colleagues and make a constructive contribution to the company.


  • We strive for excellent performance and continuous improvement.
  • We work together to provide solutions - networked and across departments.
  • We are proud of our InfraServ Gendorf.


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