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Infrastructure at InfraServ Gendorf: Keeping Things On The Move

What are the strengths of the chemical park? These include the efficiency advantages that each company harnesses from the joint use of infrastructure. InfraServ Gendorf takes this competitive advantage a step further: we ensure that the infrastructure of the GENDORF Chemical Park is always brought up to the latest state of the art and adjusted to the needs of the customers on site. This applies equally to the nearly 40 kilometers of traffic infrastructure (road and rail) and the 25 kilometers of primary canals. It goes without saying that you also have access to our infrastructure expertise for planned expansion or relocation projects at the chemical park.

Traffic Route Construction & Maintenance

Every day, an average of 175 trucks travel the roads of the GENDORF Chemical Park approx. 60 rail cars are processed, and 4,000 employees need to get to work on time. An internal department operated by InfraServ Gendorf ensures that these traffic flows can operate as quickly and safely as possible without interfering with each other, regardless of whether this involves freight trains, trucks, cars, bicyclists, or pedestrians. Careful planning, timely expansions, and on-going maintenance of the traffic infrastructure are our formula for success.


  • New construction of roads, paths, parking lots, etc.
  • Production of sealed surfaces in accordance with the asphalt bulletin
  • Repairs to road surfaces
  • Paving, surface water drainage
  • Signage, lane markings
  • Road cleaning
  • Lighting
  • Winter services on roads and rails
  • Rail construction, including operational facilities (rail crossings, service roads, rail barriers, etc.)
  • Rail inspections, structural inspections iaw. DIN 1076

Industrial Services / Sewerage System

Waste water canals are governed by the particularly strict regulations of the German Water Resources Act [Wasserhaushaltsgesetz], which includes an inspection as well as a maintenance requirement. We ensure that the canal system at the GENDORF Chemical Park always meets these specifications – in all three segregated networks (process waste water, cooling water, sanitary wastewater). We take care of deadline compliant inspections, canal rinsing cycles, and presentation-ready documentation of inspection results.

  • Cleaning and inspection of structural facilities for technical water protection.
    • Waste water canals and gutters
    • Pits, cups, channels
    • LAU and HBV floors
  • Emptying pits, removal of residue
  • Oil separator inspections in accordance with DIN 1999-100
  • Repair and new construction of waste water canals and gutters, in particular for chemical companies
  • Various canal remedial procedures
  • Support in case of emergencies, product soil contamination from spills, etc.
    • Installation/dismantling of intermediate pumping lines
    • Soil replacements (disposal when required)
    • Construction of groundwater monitoring wells, soil vapor extraction and segregation
  •  industrial underground construction for supply and disposal lines

Factory Master Planning & Relocations

Developed industrial sites are rare in Germany. Statutory requirements for protecting the neighborhood present limits for appropriating new industrial space. By developing a central factory master plan, we ensure the deliberate, optimized development of the GENDORF Chemical Park and all our customers on site. We ensure that the available land is put to the best possible use, and plan necessary expansions in close collaboration with the competent planning and permitting agencies. This gives companies who are already represented at the site, or those who are willing to relocate, access to suitable and optimally developed land – and this as quickly as possible.

  • Planning services to expand the GENDORF Chemical Park
  • Maintenance of development plans for the entire site infrastructure
  • Provision of planning documentation
  • Data entry of information about existing buildings and plants into the existing planning framework
  • Close collaboration with the municipality and the planning authority
  • Coordination to reserve and market greenfield and building land to establish pooled resources at the site and beyond


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