Integrated Solutions
For Your Energy Supply
We work with belt and braces to ensure that energy and media are always available.

Power & Natural Gas Grid

An own power distribution network for reliable supply

As the grid operator with in-house distribution grids, we reliably supply your plant with power and natural gas. As the customer, you benefit from high availability and the high quality of our supply lines.

Power Grid

A power failure can be a truly expensive event in a chemical plant. This is why we take every conceivable step to prevent this from happening. Our power grids are exceedingly reliable and equipped with additional backups, ranging from external energy supplies to your connection at the chemical park.

The GENDORF Chemical Park is connected to two substations of the upstream grid operator at the high-voltage level (110 kV). A 30 kV mid-voltage grid is used as the transportation grid. The distribution level consists of a mid-voltage level with 6 kV and a low-voltage level with 0.5 kV and 0.4 kV nominal voltage. We can also create other  voltage levels for you at any time.

Natural Gas Grid

A reliable natural gas grid is available to address your natural gas needs. The upstream grid operator transfers natural gas at a pressure of approx. 45 bar positive pressure. The natural gas is distributed within the chemical park at a positive pressure of 6 bar.


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