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Where else can you better train and educate your employees but with a supplier who has fully specialized on the needs of the chemical and process industry – and is also located right at your doorstep? This is precisely what our in-house educational establishment at the GENDORF Chemical Park offers at the Blidungsakademie Inn-Salzach (bit Gendorf). This non-profit subsidiary is operated by InfraServ Gendorf, and is staffed with more than 300 lecturers and trainers who provide a wide range of training courses, seminars, and training certificates: rooted in theory, but with considerable ties to practice, the educational program is frequently supported by practitioners from the chemical park.


Our certified training courses will develop your professional talents of tomorrow. more

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Knowledge gets long on the tooth – our job is to freshen it up. more

GENDORF Fire Brigade Training and Competence Center

Training opportunities for plant, company and volunteer fire brigades more


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