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We take care of the big picture and the details: as a general contractor, and equally so when working on minutiae.

Plant Construction

Prompt and Thought Through

Your plant has been fully planned – InfraServ Gendorf ensures that it is operational as quickly as possible. Our experts obtain the necessary permits, and our experienced project managers keep a tight reign on the construction progress, regardless of whether this involves coordinating internal or external trades. We ensure that time-consuming problems are stopped in their tracks, and that construction is executed at the appropriate quality. You benefit from the wide range of solutions provided by InfraServ Gendorf, for instance for maintenance. You can therefore already address the maintenance strategy during the construction process, allowing you to reduce the operating expenses for your plant.

You decide how much responsibility you want to assign to us. We will take care of the entire permitting process, including the entire construction management – e.g. the entire construction site coordination. Or you can simply task us with the construction monitoring function, including cost and schedule tracking, installation progress monitoring, and documentation. In either case, we ensure prompt construction progress, and uphold your interests vis-à-vis construction contractors.

Construction Monitoring

You intend to manage the plant construction process directly. We can support you with construction and installation monitoring services and will take care of cost and deadline tracking, construction and installation progress monitoring, including the necessary documentation.


Our Services:

  • Managing and controlling your construction project
  • Monitoring installation progress
  • Acceptance testing at suppliers
  • Construction and installation coordination
  • Change order management
  • Documentation

Construction Management

You decide how much responsibility you want to assign to us. We will take of the entire construction management effort on your behalf – ranging from shipment inspections, the overall coordination of trades, to managing construction meetings, or preparing daily construction logs. This gives you a point of contact and reduces complexity.


Our Services:

  • Verifying compliance with contracts, inspecting and accepting construction works
  • Reconciling and inspecting drawings against construction works
  • Providing the security and health safety coordinator
  • Construction and installation planning
  • Interface coordination
  • Construction supervision


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