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For Your Logistics
Time pressure? Good organization is the key to ensure that all goods are at the right place at the right time.

Freight Processing

With our logistics your products reach their destination – all over the world

We ensure that your freight arrives in Shanghai or Munich with equal reliability. Our experts from purchasing, dispatch, hazardous materials management, and customs will find the most cost-effective and time-optimized solution for your freight, without you having to deal with shipping details. We give you access to tailored freight concepts from a single source, ranging from pure order processing, customs and hazardous goods expertise, dispatch and transportation space procurement, to freight inspection. We continuously monitor the assigned service providers to what extent they comply with trucking framework conditions and hazardous goods regulations, and whether they have the required certifications.

Order and Shipping Processing        

  • World-wide order processing/document management, incl. LOC processing
  • World-wide shipment processing for all transport modes
  • Incoming and outgoing goods processing
  • Complete import and export customs processing
  • Freight analyses, freight benchmarking
  • Freight cost management, freight streamlining

Hazardous Materials Management

  • Performing the hazardous materials officer function
  • Hazardous materials and sealing inspections

CEP Services/Mail Logistics

  • Inbound and outbound mail processing
  • Mail processing, incl. postage and labeling
  • Direct printing and distribution
  • Sample packaging and labeling
  • World-wide sample shipments
  • Express shipment processing
  • Special courier shipments
  • Special transport


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