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Time pressure? Good organization is the key to ensure that all goods are at the right place at the right time.


Logistics Made by InfraServ Gendorf – We Ensure that Your Supply Chain Runs Smoothly

We ensure that your production at the GENDORF Chemical Park is supplied with all goods, and that your products are brought to customers - on-time, safely, and cost-effectively. Every year, more than 100 logistics employees at InfraServ Gendorf coordinate roughly 400,000 pallet movements in our in-house logistics center, roughly 15,000 railcar shunting operations, and roughly 500,000 tons of chemical product transfers in tank farms. This is in addition to a host of services related to factory and warehouse logistics – on a 24/7 basis. You can assign to us your entire world-wide logistics requirements, giving you the ability to fully focus on your core business. For we will not only tackle individual transports on your behalf, but will ensure that your entire logistics operation runs smoothly.

Factory Logistics

We will execute internal factory rail and road transports, as well as tank storage and filling operations, including the coordination of internal mail, courier, express, and package services. more

Warehouse Logistics

We give you access to our extensive factory warehouse capacity – including our hazardous goods management know-how. more

Container Logistics

Our modern turntable puts your containers in good hands: ranging from storage to cleaning, workshop services, acceptance testing, or local trucking. more

Freight Processing

We supply freight concepts from a single source, ranging from pure order processing, customs and hazardous goods expertise, dispatch, transport capacity procurement, or freight inspection. more


We will reliably and safely clean tanker trucks, tank containers, tanker railcars, and IBCs in an environmentally sound manner – experience pays off! more


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