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Well-trained, highly motivated and solution-oriented employees with passion for their tasks form the fundament of our company. That’s why we promote a culture of appreciation and provide freedom for creativity and individual responsibility. Our goal is to maintain a long-term, fair and productive partnership with our employees.

Sustainable staffing policy

Our employees’ high level of qualification is a crucial factor in the success of InfraServ Gendorf. For that reason, we are especially proud to have our own Inn-Salzach Training Academy, where we give young people the training they need to become skilled employees, both for our own company, and on behalf of affiliated companies. As a “learning company,” however, it is also important for us to improve continually, which is why we support employees by offering them advanced training specifics to their target groups and based on their own personal strengths.

Corporate culture of appreciation

Motivated and competent employees are central factors to the success of our company. And every single one of them is respected as an individual. The way we treat our employees is thus characterized by fairness, mutual understanding and appreciation. InfraServ Gendorf does not tolerate any form of discrimination, in particular based on ethnic origin, religion, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, disabilities or political or union activities.

Open feedback through employee surveys

We believe that regular feedback helps both our employees and our organization to improve continuously and adjust to changing requirements. Our employee survey is an important feedback instrument. It gives us a qualified response from our employees on the strategy, culture and work conditions at the company every two years. We use the feedback to make improvements in order to overcome shortcomings in individual departments.

Additional benefits

In addition to a wage structure of one of the strongest salary classes in Germany, InfraServ Gendorf offers its employees many additional benefits which set us apart as an employer and make us especially attractive. Company sports offers, free health actions and company retirement provisions or a family and consultation service are available to every employee without restriction.