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Environment & safety

At InfraServ Gendorf, protecting people and the environment always takes priority over economic interests – without compromise. And we don’t want to be content with our achievements.. We strive to continuously improve safety and environmental protection, constantly work on reducing effects on the environment and minimize the risks for safety and health of all our activities. Our goal is to keep on improving the situation for people and the environment – both inside and outside of our chemical park. We define our environmental performance in an environmental statement.

GIMS: collective standards for all companies in the chemical park

The Gendorf Integrated Management System (GIMS) is the core of all environmental, health and safety measures at the GENDORF Chemical Park. All  companies based in the chemical park have pledged to follow the principles laid out in GIMS. But GIMS is more than a non-binding statement of intent: The individual companies are inspected by an environmental evaluator and the management system and regulations are tested in continuous audits. InfraServ Gendorf is the control center of GIMS.

Conserving resources

InfraServ Gendorf is dedicated to ecological responsibility and faces the task of handling natural resources carefully on a daily basis. Measures to increase energy efficiency are a firm part of our optimization proposals and solutions. InfraServ Gendorf has been implementing the requirements of the standard “DIN EN ISO 50001 – Energy management systems” since 2011. We also consistently implement environmental regulations and set our own environmental goals in order to pursue the issue in a structured and sustainable manner. Management systems such as ISO 14000 or EMAS help monitor and further reduce environmental burdens in terms of air pollution control and water, soil and climate protection.

Water protection

We protect the water at our chemical park by running state-of-the-art purification systems and a three-part canal system for varying degrees of contaminated wastewater, as well as an extensive analytics and monitoring system.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to protecting the river Alz on a long-term and proactive basis, as the river has a special value to our region. As a water supply, the Alz is an industrial asset to the domestic chemical industry. At the same time, it is a lifeline for the regional nature and is essential for the survival of the flora and fauna. This benefit entails theresponsibility for environmentally friendly handling. In order to ensure that the Alz will remain a natural habit in the future, InfraServ Gendorf has founded the Naturnahe Alz e.V. association together with seven partner companies. The association promotes the renaturation of the Alz in close cooperation with the Traunstein Water Management Office.

Plant fire department – ready for emergencies

Our own in-house fire department is an important instrument for ensuring safety in our chemical park and acting professionally and reliably to protect people and the environment in the event of trouble. Nearly 50 highly-qualified firemen are working shifts at Gendorf. They have a cutting-edge operation control station, special equipment for the chemical industry and extensive drilling and training options. This enables our forces to take effective action in the special environment of the chemical park, as well as outside of it within the Transportation Accident Information System (TAIS). More on our company fire deparment: Download flyer


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