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A „clean affair“

Cleaning tanker trucks, tank containers, tanker railcars and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) requires a high degree of reliability and quality. As a chemical industry service provider, InfraServ Gendorf not only has decades of experience with cleaning technology for tank vessels used by the chemical industry, but also assures environmentally compatible disposal of all wastes in accordance with environmental protection statutes.

Our tank cleaning plant includes six fully enclosed cleaning lines and is directly connected to the factory waste water treatment plant. It is specialized for chemical and petro-chemical products, and can process a wide range of containers, fluids and solids. We will develop specifically tailored cleaning technologies together with you when rare and difficult to handle substances are involved. Our state of the art cleaning plants are certified iaw. DIN EN ISO 9001 and SQAS – and continuously trained staff ensures high-quality cleaning processes.

Our Services

  • Cleaning of tanker trucks, tank containers, tanker railcars and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) of nearly all commonly used chemical products, e.g. poisonous products, glues, caustic agents, grease, additives, dispersions, oil, and acids
  • Pressure relief and cleaning of pressure vessel tanker railcars and pressure vessel tank containers
  • Removal of persistent, solidified product residue using selected cleaning processes
  • Disposal of product residue
  • Pathogen removal from tanker trucks / tank containers
  • Drying of transport containers
  • Option to conduct recurring acceptance tests on tanker railcars and tanker trucks, and to conduct necessary repairs in our in-house workshop
  • TÜV certification and sealing of IBCs
  • Storing and processing tank containers (hazardous materials and non-hazardous materials)

Your Benefits

  • Cleaning by in-house waste water treatment plant, including regulated substances
  • Superior cleaning quality using state of the art equipment
  • Fast processing times
  • Direct rail connectivity
  • Option for complete processing (cleaning, repair, inspections), resulting in reduced downtime and minimized transport costs


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