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For Compliant Waste Disposal
We would rather look twice than not at all: we leave nothing to chance for the disposal of your waste and waste water.

Disposal Management

We Find the Right Solution for Any Waste

As a site customer at the GENDORF Chemical Park, you need reliable waste disposal capabilities– regardless of whether this involves large or small volumes, hazardous or non-hazardous substances. As the operator of the GENDORF Chemical Park and a certified waste disposal company that generates a wide range of waste materials, we have the expertise for the correct waste disposal method. Most of the waste can be disposed in our in-house plants. If this is not possible, our waste disposal management organization can show you appropriate alternatives, will support you with the implementation, or even take care of the entire waste disposal task under our own direction.

We ensure sustainable recycling methods at the chemical park by employing mature waste disposal technologies and processes. But in spite of technical advances, we never loose sight of the human element. We diligently and continuously train our employees to ensure that waste is disposed not only efficiently, but also responsibly and in an environmentally sound manner.

Waste Disposal Management Services

  • Waste disposal options outside of the GENDORF Chemical Park
  • Locating affordable waste disposal plants on behalf of customers
  • Waste disposal in accordance with industry standards
  • comprehensive record keeping


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