Integrated Solutions
For Compliant Waste Disposal
We would rather look twice than not at all: we leave nothing to chance for the disposal of your waste and waste water.

Waste Incineration

Free of Hazardous Materials & Resource Preserving

The modern waste incineration plant at InfraServ Gendorf is capable of recycling waste in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner. The waste heat is recycled in the chemical park to create process steam, therefore saving large amounts of primary energy. The thermal treatment plant consists of two lines - the liquid incinerator and the sewage sludge incinerator. We also provide disposal as a total solution: in this case, we not only take care of the incineration, but also address all process steps ranging from transportation to disposal and the legally compliant maintenance of records pursuant to waste laws.

Your Benefits:

  • Reliable, long-term disposal capabilities rendered by a certified operation
  • Short and cost-effective disposal routes
  • Legally compliant and environmentally compatible disposal
  • Legally compliant record keeping iaw. waste disposal laws

Liquid Incineration

We incinerate liquid waste products from your production regardless of thermal value. The liquid waste is injected into a combustion chamber, and is incinerated together with high thermal value waste products as a mixture with the addition of air. The resulting process steam is fed into the central steam grid of the chemical park.

This makes a valuable contribution toward protecting the environment and preserves resources. Various acceptance options round out the legally compliant and environmentally compatible disposal of your liquid waste.

Sewage Sludge Incineration

Our state of the art sewage sludge incinerator gives us the ability to reliably treat municipal and industrial sewage sludge in an environmentally compliant manner even with high hazardous materials contents. The fluidized bed combustion thermally oxidizes organic hazardous materials at high temperature. The downstream flue gas scrubber effectively removes additional hazardous materials. These processes sustainably comply with the emission threshold values of the Federal Pollution Protection Directive [Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung]. The heat generated during combustion is used to create process steam. The steam is fed into the internal steam grid and used on-site as a valuable energy source.


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