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Vinnolit - Shutdown of a EDC/VC Plant

Shutdown to Schedule: Audit of EDC/VC PlantOperated by Vinnolit Is Effected On-time, On-quality & On-budget.

Initial Situation

Over many years, the PVC specialist Vinnolit had planned the routine shut downs of its EDC/VC plantat the Industrial Park Werk GENDORF by itself, and had retained various contractors for the implementation. In order to focus on its core business and to minimize interface problems between individual service providers, Vinnolit decided to retain a contractor to the entire plant shutdown - including planning and implementation. The ambitious objective: the entire plantneeded to be inspected, repaired, and placed back into service within 14 days. InfraServ Gendorf Technik (ISGT) got the nod based on its broad resources and access to all necessary trades.


Detailed planning was the key to success. Since InfraServ Gendorf has been supporting large plant shutdowns for more than 25 years, project schedules were not based on vague estimates but rather on substantiated empirical data - always in close coordination with the customer. ISGT was therefore also in a position to quote a fixed price for the entire shutdown - including planning and handover of the fully audited Vinnolit plant.


ISGT spared no effort to minimize decision-making processes in order to avoid lost time from the very outset. The company benefited greatly from a portfolio specifically tailored to the chemical industry. Assessing apparatus with traces of use has proven to be a major time sink. In this case, the InfraServ Gendorf technicians worked hand-in-hand with their colleagues from the various departments of the parent company. For instance, the Plantand Occupational Safety department has a fully equipped test facility, ranging from voltage meters to a scanning electron microscope. It was therefore possible to conduct all necessary material tests within the plant without extensive coordination efforts for outside contractors. Moreover, the plant security experts routinely work together with the TÜV, and are therefore fully in tune with the TÜVs requirements and approaches. It was therefore possible to determine quickly after an apparatus was dismantled and opened whether it needed to be repaired immediately, or how much longer it could be used - including acceptance by the TÜV.


This high cadence approach was also a guideline for coordination requirements with the customer in the event of plan variances. The project manager immediately addressed unexpected results from the condition of individual apparatus and components in order to develop specific solution strategies. These substantiated figures and forecasts were a good template for prompt decisions by Vinnolit.


As the project progressed, ISGT documented all shutdown steps. Each variance from the original schedule was recorded and explained. This becomes a basis for further refinement of future shutdowns and for avoiding unwelcome surprises as much as possible.


As planned, the plant was fully audited by ISGT and handed over to Vinnolit after 14 days. The project came in on-schedule and on-budget in spite of 20% unplanned additional scope. During the peak period, 130 technicians were working on the plant at the same time to process the roughly 7,000 man-hours and approx. 2,000 individual shutdown locations. A particularly noteworthy outcome was that no accident was recorded in spite of the large number of people working in the plant under a tight schedule.