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MEGGLE - Site Optimization

Solid investment: A site development plan for MEGGLE renders imminent optimizations future-proof.

Initial Situation

The Wasserburg site of the dairy group MEGGLE had grown over a period of decades. While the originally installed factory roads and access controls were regularly adjusted, they eventually reached a point at which they could no longer keep pace with developments. A comprehensive solution was needed. The collaboration with InfraServ Gendorf was therefore kicked off with a clearly stated objective: an internal traffic and operational security concept needed to be designed and implemented that could also meet increased international security requirements, e.g. for shipments to the US.


While documenting the as-is situation, the planners from InfraServ Gendorf quickly realized that only expanding the roads and operational security installations would not do. Obtaining answers to basic questions became the first order of business: Where would the dairy continue to grow over the coming years? What construction projects were imminent, what land had been appropriated for long-term expansion? A clear vision of the site's future was needed to avoid that the optimized roads and operational security systems would again be incorrectly sized within a few years. MEGGLE therefore increased the scope of InfraServ Gendorf's assignment as the project progressed: a site development plan was needed.


Together with the interdisciplinary MEGGLE project team, the engineering experts now also conducted a detailed review of the pending expansions. Was there a benefit to the many truck loading and unloading stations distributed throughout the factory? Or would a central loading station be better suited to facilitate traffic flow, while also containing costs? Did it truly make sense to upgrade the existing dairy feed point at its present location, or would it be more cost-effective to install the unloading station at another location in the overall context of the site growth? In this case, InfraServ was able to fully leverage its expertise for integrated solutions. Instead of considering each plant individually, InfraServ developed a site plan that placed the focus on how all relevant areas interact for the purpose of optimizing the overall result. The ISG experts for engineering, factory security, IT and infrastructure worked closely as a team to ensure this outcome.


The support provided by InfraServ Gendorf has given MEGGLE a site development plan that not only looks a few years into the future. The plan contains policies and scenarios that facilitate a systematic, yet flexible expansion for decades. The future is already incorporated in the form of readily executable optimization proposals for roads and access controls. The necessary investments MEGGLE needs to make are therefore well positioned. Future site expansions do not render these measures void, but instead seamlessly support the expansion of the dairy company.