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Whether trainee or manager: we bring new knowledge into the company.

Continuing Education

Knowledge Gets Long on the Tooth – Our Job Is to Freshen it Up

New technologies and methods are replaced at increasing rates - the shelf-life of knowledge is becoming increasingly short. Continuing education is the countermeasure. This is exactly what our training academy addresses: close links between the academy and the industrial park allow us to incorporate the latest developments in the chemical and process industry into our program, always ensuring need-based, up-to-date seminar content. Based on our extensive experience, we have a well-cultivated network of lecturers, who are nevertheless required to pass regular and uncompromising quality reviews.

With success: our superior training quality has been confirmed for many years, in the form of awards from Stiftung Warentest [Germany's independent testing foundation] or a success rate well above 90% for occupational training courses.

Training Courses

Developing new professional fields and advancing one's career – your employees are given access to the best possible resources with our training courses and secondary professional training. Our occupational training courses end in successfully completed, accredited degrees as technicians, industrial foremen, business economists, or certified specialists. Secondary professional training with a chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) accreditation will open up new avenues for you. You can find out more about our training courses at:


Your employees' time is valuable. Our seminars therefore teach hands-on professional expertise in a compressed schedule for special topics ranging from plant safety to time management. You benefit from quality and customization: our seminars are designed together with you, and are tailored to your specific needs. You can find out more about our seminars at:


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