Integrated Solutions
For Maintenance
We remedy acute malfunctions in your plant. And we ensure that downtime does not occur in the first place.


Selective or complete solutions: the choice is yours

Unexpected malfunctions, caused by wear or material fatigue, are expensive. This is why we spare no effort to prevent this from happening. A cost-optimized maintenance strategy is the foundation for the highest possible availability of your plant. Our inspection and maintenance service eliminates unexpected incidents as much as possible. But we are also the right partner in an emergency: as a manufacturer-independent service provider, we essentially cover the spectrum of mission-critical components, and have the entire system in sight. Regardless of whether you only need a stand-alone service or a total solution, you can outsource the full scope of your needs to us. One thing is for certain: we will accept responsibility for your maintenance requirements.

Conceptual Design & Strategy

On large plants, the devil is in the details: How often does a particular component need to be inspected or maintained? Does it make sense to replace a certain pump only after it has failed, or should it be replaced in regular intervals? We will screen your entire plant in detail and develop an optimized maintenance strategy on this basis. This gives you an actionable response to the central issues: How can you find the equilibrium between maintenance expenses and costs from threatened downtimes? We will also remain as your partner down the road and will ensure optimized maintenance: our experts will analyze variances and adjust the maintenance schedule to bring all processes back into line.

  • As-is maintenance analysis
  • Risk assessment of individual components
  • Maintenance and inspection schedule
  • Spare parts strategy
  • Maintenance optimization 

Inspection & Maintenance

You can count on our technicians to inspect the condition of individual components, and address the repair or replacement when required. We will also gladly advise you regarding optimum inspection and maintenance intervals. Ranging from on-site inspections to remote monitoring of your plant by means of measurement data recorded by our control center: we will ensure that your plant runs smoothly.

  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Thermography
  • Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Conceptual design
  • Metrology


Ranging from emergencies to regularly scheduled replacements of a component: we are always the right point of contact. As a manufacturer-independent service provider with more than 220 employees, we essentially cover all mission-critical components, ranging from pumps, motors, valves, to apparatus. We are certified by many manufacturers and are also an officially accredited maintenance workshop for pumps and motors used in explosive environments. Your highly-sensitive components are therefore also in good hands with us.

  • Maintenance on pumps, valves, motors (including complete service)
  • Machining (equipment technology & chipping)


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