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We take care of the big picture and the details: as a general contractor, and equally so when working on minutiae.

Energy and Process Management

Efficiency Audit for Your Existing Plant

Is your plant running at peak performance? Are your raw materials and energy consumption, product quality and product volume in sync? We will systematically review your plant for improvement opportunities: ranging from assessing outdated plant modules, an analysis of the process controls, to concepts for improved use of energy and waste materials. We only optimize as a means to an end, and from the start provide you with verifiable statements pertaining to investments and savings potential. This improves your productivity and competitiveness, giving you total planning and investment reliability.

Energy optimization

We use process engineering simulations to put your plant under the magnifying glass: Where are energy and raw materials being wasted? How can operational sequences be improved? We use this as the basis for creating a catalog of interrelated measures for optimizing the processes to conserve resources.

Our services
  • Preparation for ISO 50001 auditing and implementation of energy management systems
    • Analysis of existing management processes
    • Process expansion/adaptation (design)
    • Process implementation
    • Energy data analysis / GAP analysis for data requirements
    • Data recording plan / measurement plan and energy accounting
    • Diagnosis and potential development
    • Internal auditing
  • Energy studies (incl. energy audit according to EDL-G and DIN 16247-1)
    • Energy analysis of plants/facilities/sites
    • Potential identification
    • Evaluation and economic efficiency analysis of potentials + recommendations
    • Implementation in basic and detail engineering up to the point of commissioning
  • Supply concepts for plants/facilities/sites
    • Requirement analysis/optimization
    • Scenario development
    • Comparative benefit analysis
  • Energy efficiency and HR development (training) for
    • ISO 50001
    • Technical energy efficiency – know-how
    • Energy awareness for employees and trainees

Logistics optimization and site development

To guarantee permanent success and competitiveness of facilities, sites must be sustainably positioned and structured. InfraServ Gendorf analyses your logistical processes, identifies improvement potentials and offers combined system solutions for innovative companies by developing a global site concept. Instead of individual examinations plant by plant, InfraServ Gendorf develops a comprehensive plan by combining all interacting areas for maximum optimization.
For that matter, our ISG experts for Engineering, plant security, license management, IT and infrastructure work closely together to offer you an individual solution tailored for your needs.

Our services
  • Logistics optimization in process handling
  • Logistics concept development for
    • Site and warehouse expansions
    • Changes of use
    • Increase in handling volume
    • Diversification of goods handled
    • Capacity bottlenecks
  • Concept studies for site and plant security
    • Access systems
    • Monitoring
  • Site concepts during strategy development

Business process optimization

Our business process optimization (BPO) reviews  your operational processes beyond the technology: What tasks take an extraordinarily high number of work hours, even though they are not part of the plant’s core area? We use simulations to examine the movements of goods in logistics in order to identify any shortcomings and revise work steps.

Our services
  • Project definition support
    • Project structure workshops for defining and coordination/communication on project scope, problem identification, target setting and resulting organizational and operative project structure
  • General business process optimization (SixSigma methodological framework)
    • Analysis of current processes
    • Cause analysis of weak points / identification of optimization potential
    • Development and selection of solution scenarios
    • Implementation support
  • Conceptual design of IT workflow
    • Frequently in supporting role during business process optimization
    • Creation of requirement and specification sheets
    • Assistance in software selection


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