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Environmental Measurements & Analyses

As the operator of a plant governed by permitting requirements, you are particularly dependent on a trust-based relationship to neighbors and regulatory agencies. Our environmental services create a solid foundation for this: our ongoing environmental measurements and highly coordinated analysis methods ensure that you are in compliance with statutory directives, and have the ability to quickly detect water or pollution control irregularities. Our modern labs and experienced employees are also increasingly in demand outside of the GENDORF Chemical Park. For instance, cities and municipalities have assigned to us the tasks of investigating exposure levels, or to certify air cleanliness.

Environmental Measurements

InfraServ Gendorf meets the most demanding standards when assessing air contamination, odors, and all types of emissions/pollutants. This is guaranteed based on our accreditation iaw. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the recognition as a nationwide notified body iaw. Section 26 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG]. Our customers highly value our fine-tuned methods and modern measurement equipment capabilities. These include for instance operators of power plants, waste incineration plants, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, cities, municipalities, and public institutions. We are deployed at nearly 500 biogas plant operators as a certified measurement institute for regulatory agencies and power utilities. Why not challenge us? We guarantee that you will have measurements in compliance with rules and regulations, including the following services:

  • Consulting during the permitting process
  • Planning and installation support for suitable measurement points
  • Acceptance test measurements (iaw. Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG] or as a performance/guarantee certification)
  • Measurements in response to special incidents (iaw. Section 26 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG])
  • Recurring measurements (iaw. Section 28 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG])
  • Self-monitoring measurements
  • Emission measurementsMeasurements of hazardous substances
  • Immission measurements
  • Measurements of hazardous substances
  • Functional analysis, calibration and correct installation
  • Ground and waste
  • Waters

You can find more information under the Individual Solutions and Enviromental measurements section.


Our exceptionally well-equipped laboratories provide analysis services in the areas of air (emission, pollution, hazardous materials), water, soil, and waste. We will support you in resolving your analytical issues using a variety of methods, modern lab technology, sophisticated quality standards, and expert advice.

For instance, this includes analysis of:

  • Metals/metal compounds
  • Organic substances (e.g. PCB, PAH)
  • Inorganic substances
  • Sum parameters (e.g. CSB, BSB)

Our test lab is accredited iaw. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and notified iaw. Sections 26, 28 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG].

Process Analysis Technology

Our process analysis technology (PAT) allows us to determine substance properties, the composition of substance mixtures, and the purity and quality of products during the production process. Infraserv Gendorf gives you access to customized services ranging from consulting to concept preparation, including commissioning of the measurement facility for the following process analysis technology applications:

  • Occupational safety, e.g. ambient air monitoring
  • Plant safety, e.g. lower explosion threshold [UEG] monitoring
  • Environmental protection, e.g. TOC, emission measurements
  • Process monitoring, e.g. pH, conductibility, oxygen
  • Product quality, e.g. customized concentration measurements

Approval Management

Involved early in the planning, InfraServ Gendorf assist you with pratical support in permitting processes, so you can avoid unnecessary costs. We advise you on topics which require permits and manage your projects until the final acceptance of the authorities. In this context, we afford all necessary services for plant construction as well as operational services. Our experts are always up-to-date regarding legislation and make sure that your projects get authorized as fast as possible, without secondary costs.


Our services:


  • Plant permission
  • Water use
  • Nature protection

You can find more information under the section Approval management.


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