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Ranging from infrastructure and environmental services to security: we also take care of the details.

Site Security

We play it safe – preventively and reactively

For us, safety does not start with an emergency, but rather by avoiding accidents and safety hazards. Preventive fire safety and other precautionary measures are therefore a high priority at the GENDORF Chemical Park. In parallel, we painstakingly prepare for any eventuality, ensuring that all the cogs mesh exactly at the key moment, and no valuable time is lost. Companies located at the GENDORF Chemical Park can fully rely on our services, ranging from incoming inspection, site firefighting capabilities, to emergency management. So much is certain.

Plant Fire Department

InfraServ Gendorf operates the site fire brigade at the GENDORF Chemical Park, staffed with approximately 60 firefighters and 12 state-of-the-art fire engines that are specifically equipped for the chemical industry. The site fire brigade is exclusively staffed with full-time firefighters who can reach any plant within no more than three minutes after an alarm is sounded – day or night: The call center is staffed around the clock.

  • Active containment of danger (e.g. firefighting)
  • Containment of environmental damage
  • Management at the incident location
  • Managing the entire incident with the public fire brigade
  • Assistance within the scope of TUIS (Transport-Unfall-Informations- und Hilfeleistungssystem [Transport-Accident-Information and Assistance System])
  • Qualified rescue service
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of technical equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, respirator masks, etc.)
  • Preparation of fire concepts
  • Fire brigade training center

Site Security

Our site security services are designed to safeguard our customers on site from losses. The range of services includes gate and patrol guards, investigations in response to property damage, and inspections of hazardous goods transports:

  • Entrance and exit controls / identification control
  • Gate and patrol guards, including video monitoring
  • Issuing IDs to visitors, site and contractor employees
  • Safety instructions, e.g. for contractors
  • Safety consulting
  • Vehicle traffic control, including guide services for special transports
  • Accident recording of traffic accidents within the GENDORF Chemical Park
  • Investigation of identified breaches, criminal acts, and property offenses
  • Vehicle and load inspections, in particular for hazardous goods vehicles

Emergency Management

Every action must be intuitive and all processes must mesh during an emergency. The objective of InfraServ Gendorf is to contain incident damage and to reduce the impact on customers, employees, neighbors, and the environment to a minimum. The approach agreed to with all customers on site in response to an emergency is documented in the "Gendorf Integrated Management System“ (GIMS), which is drilled regularly.

  • Preparing and updating operational and site-specific alarm and risk mitigation plans
  • Employee training for incident staff
  • Regular emergency drills
  • Crisis communication
  • Organizing and providing the infrastructure for an incident


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