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For Compliant Waste Disposal
We would rather look twice than not at all: we leave nothing to chance for the disposal of your waste and waste water.

Waste Water Treatment

Clean Affair

InfraServ Gendorf operates high-performance plants to treat waste water from industrial uses. We also take care of treating and disposing leachate from landfills.

Biological Waste Water Treatment at the Industrial Park
Our biological waste water treatment plant ensures the treatment of all process waste water generated at the GENDORF Chemical Park. It can tackle a waste water volume that corresponds to a city with approx. 120,000 inhabitants.

The first stage treatment, the preliminary treatment plant, neutralizes and filters the waste water of sediment materials by adding auxiliary materials, such as lime milk and flocculants. The second treatment stage consists of two activated sludge basins where bacteria employ bio-chemical processes to treat the constituent waste materials. The four secondary settlers segregate the activated sludge from the treated waste water. The sludge is reclaimed in the activated sludge basins, and the treated waste water is fed into the Alz river. Our analysis procedures and various on-line monitoring mechanisms continuously monitor the quality of the treated water.

Reliable and Available - With Backup and Triple Redundancy
The entire plant is designed to maintain the waste water treatment capability even when individual apparatus, basins, etc. malfunction or are taken out of service.

Preventive maintenance and repair of all plant components ensures that our waste-water treatment plant can be operated without interruption. The control center of the treatment plant is staffed around the clock, and is integrated into the emergency management systems operated by the GENDORF Chemical Park.

Our Services:

  • Consulting and clarification of legal issues related to permitting and water management
  • Preparation of permit applications and support for regulatory agency interaction
  • Analysis and testing of the biological treatment capability of the waste water
  • Preparing waste water legal certification documents
  • Organizing the transport
  • Treatment and cleaning of waste water
  • Disposal of sludge generated during the treatment process

Your Benefits:

  • Reliable disposal
  • Legal security
  • Prompt permits for waste water disposal
  • Legally compliant record maintenance
  • Monitoring of all legally relevant threshold values


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