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Vinnolit - Caustic Soda Filling

Vinnolit: Outsourcing of Caustic Soda Filling

Initial Situation

As a PVC manufacturer located at the GENDORF Chemical Park, Vinnolit had invested into a chlorine electrolysis plant, and was looking for a suitable partner to assume responsibility for non-core competence process steps. This included filling of caustic soda, an important byproduct of chlorine electrolysis. Until that time Vinnolit employees filled tanker trucks and tanker railcars, which resulted in considerable scheduling effort for the assigned employees.


The InfraServ Gendorf deliverable was not strictly limited to executing the project requirements. Together with Vinnolit, the project team also conducted a detailed review of processes, and together with the customer developed a solution for the personnel-intensive filling of caustic soda into tanker trucks. Based on experience from other projects, Infraserv Gendorf restructured the process in such a manner that the truck drivers load the caustic soda themselves. InfraServ Gendorf trained and certified the truck drivers, therefore ensuring diligent handling of caustic soda as a hazardous material.

In addition to the investment into the caustic soda tank and the loading stations, InfraServ Gendorf also invested into the power supply upgrade needed in connection with the expansion of the chlorine electrolysis plant.

In total, InfrasServ Gendorf made infrastructure and logistics investments at a double-digit million amount.


The leaner loading processes significantly increased the flexibility of Vinnolit. By working together with InfraServ Gendorf, the customer was also able to defray its own investment budgets. 

Vinnolit outsourced an entire process step that was not part of its internal core business, and was able to invest freed up resources into strategic projects.

No safety compromises of any kind were made. In spite of the large number of loading cycles and incorporating truck drivers, no reportable accident has occurred since 2009.