Integrated Solutions
For Environmental Safety
Our environmental measurements and analysis methods create a database for plant operators or municipalities that is compliant with regulations.

Environmental Measurements

Highest standards are our benchmark

InfraServ Gendorf meets the most demanding standards when assessing air contamination, odors and noise, and all types of emissions/pollutants. This is guaranteed based on our accreditation iaw. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the recognition as a nationwide notified body iaw. Section 26 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG]. Our customers highly value our fine-tuned methods and modern measurement equipment capabilities. These include for instance operators of power plants, waste incineration plants, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, cities, municipalities, and public institutions. We are deployed at nearly 500 biogas plant operators as a certified measurement institute for regulatory agencies and power utilities – feel free to challenge us. We guarantee measurements in compliance with rules and regulations.

Emission Measurements

  • Consulting during the permitting process
  • Planning and installation support for suitable measurement points
  • Acceptance test measurements (iaw. Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG] or as a performance/guarantee certification)
  • Measurements in response to special incidents (iaw. Section 26 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG])
  • Recurring measurements (iaw. Section 28 Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG])
  • Self-monitoring measurements

Hazardous Materials Measurements

  • Workstation measurements pursuant to TRGS (Technische Regeln für Gefahrstoffe [Technical Regulations for Hazardous Materials]) 402
  • Special measurements and measurements in the interests of the operater
  • Preparation of hazard assessments pursuant to the hazardous materials directive [Gefahrenstoffverordnung].
  • Validating the effectiveness of technical safety measures.

Pollution Measurements

  • Analysis of your contamination situation
  • Determination of legacy contamination for permitting applications pursuant to BImSchG
  • measurement of various air constituents, e.g.:

                    - particulate matter (PM 10)
                    - particulate deposition (incl. constituents)
                    - NOX, soot, heavy metals
                    - Dioxines, PAHs
                    - Dispersion modeling and pollution forecasts

Functional analysis, calibration an correct installation

  • Functional analysis and calibration of continuous measuring instruments for emission monitoring jaw DIN EN 14181 or. VDI 3950
  • Inspection of the correct installation of continuous measuring instruments for emission monitoring jaw DIN EN 14181 or. VDI 3950
  • Functional analysis of the Systems for emission monitoring

Ground and waste

  • Consulting and concept development for Ground- and Waste Analysis
  • Sampling by qualified employees
  • Soil core sampling
  • Analytics of case-specific parameters


  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Sampling and analytics of groundwater and surface water
  • Sampling of drinking water by skilled employees and analytics in an accredited lab
  • Legionella tests


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