Integrated Solutions
For Environmental Safety
Our environmental measurements and analysis methods create a database for plant operators or municipalities that is compliant with regulations.

Process Analysis Technology

Exact determining of substance properties

Our process analysis technology (PAT) allows us to determine substance properties, the composition of substance mixtures, and the purity and quality of products during the production process. Infraserv Gendorf gives you access to customized services ranging from consulting to concept preparation, including commissioning of the measuring system for the following process analysis technology applications:

  • Occupational safety, e.g. ambient air monitoring
  • Plant safety, e.g. lower explosion threshold [UEG] monitoring
  • Environmental protection, e.g. TOC, emission measurements
  • Process monitoring, e.g. pH, conductibility, oxygen
  • Product quality, e.g. customized concentration measurements

Our Services:

  • Consulting and development on measurement, monitoring, and automation concepts
  • Conceptual design of the entire measuring system, including the required infrastructure (Ex/Tox protection, HVAC, air supply, etc.)
  • Preparation of technical RFQ documentation
  • Technical proposal clarification meetings
  • Conceptual design of analysis device rooms pursuant to EN 61285
  • Cost-effective and scheduled procurement
  • Assembly and commissioning in accordance with industry standards by experienced employees
  • Execution monitoring during the installation
  • Installation of the measuring system, project processing, commissioning
  • Hands-on training (maintenance and repair)


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