Integrated Solutions
For Environmental Safety
Our environmental measurements and analysis methods create a database for plant operators or municipalities that is compliant with regulations.

Environmental Services

From Environmental Measurements to Laboratory Analytics and up to Approval Management - you can trust our quality

As a chemical company, you are particularly dependent on a trust-based relationship to neighbors and regulatory agencies. Our environmental services create a solid foundation for this: our ongoing environmental measurements and highly coordinated analysis methods ensure that you are in compliance with statutory directives, and have the ability to quickly detect water, noise or pollution control irregularities. Our modern labs and experienced employees are also increasingly in demand outside of the Industrial Park Werk GENDORF. For instance, cities and municipalities have assigned to us the tasks of investigating exposure levels, or to certify air cleanliness. Based on our environmental expertise, we additionally offer solutions for the professional control of environmental factors and provide a smooth operation in dealings with the authorities, in case of approval procedures of many clients. Our quality travels by word-of-mouth.

Environmental Measurements

We support operators of power plants, waste incinerators, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, cities, municipalities and public institutions with measurements in compliance with rules and regulations. more


Our analytics provides comprehensive analysis services for research, development and production in the chemical and process industry. more

Process Analysis Technology

Our process analysis technology allows us to determine substance properties, the composition of substance mixtures, and the purity and quality of products during the production process. more

Approval management

We give advice in topics of licensing, both for plant engineering and construction and for the production process. Furthermore, we provide solutions for the professional control of environmental factors as well as the smooth operation of approval procedures. more


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