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We take care of the big picture and the details: as a general contractor, and equally so when working on minutiae.

Plant Planning

We Have Practitioners on Staff

Nothing is more important for the profitability of a plant than smart planning that consolidates all individual aspects into a composite overall picture. It is good to have an engineering partner at your side for such a demanding task who has many years of experience - not only planning, but also operating and maintaining such systems. Based on this broad foundation, we ensure that the plants we plan not only look good on paper, but also perform as intended.

Feasibility Studies & Concepts

You have a clear vision of what your product needs to look like. We will design the matching production plant and will review the technical, financial, and temporal feasibility of your  project idea. These findings are incorporated into a concept with detailed solutions and specifications that you can use as a basis for your continued planning and follow-up on your project idea.


Our Services:

  • Project management
  • Technical feasibility
  • Financial and temporal feasibility
  • Assessment of project risks
  • Preparation of a decision-making basis
  • ± 25 to ± 50% accuracy

Basic Engineering

Basic engineering converts the results of a feasibility study into a detailed plant plan, develops a basic plant layout, and outlines a preliminary project budget:


Our Services:

  • Project management
  • Layout, flowcharts, and diagrams
  • Electro-technical and automation concepts
  • Setup and building plans
  • Safety concepts, HAZOP, fire safety
  • ± 10 to ± 25 % accuracy

Detail Engineering

We refine the design of the entire plant and its individual components to a degree that all details are thought through and documented for the plant construction effort.


Our Services:

  • Project management
  • Specification and purchase order processing
  • Installation documentation for mechanical systems, and the electrical, measurement, and control technology
  • Process control functions
  • Setup plans
  • Detailed pipe planning (3D)
  • Building plans
  • Schedule and cost controls
  • ± 5 to ± 10 % accuracy

Project Management

Experienced project managers and seasoned project teams ensure that the entire planning process runs smoothly – and beyond if needed: We will provide you with a point of contact to support you during all implementation phases: from the idea through all planning phases, including construction monitoring and commissioning. As a solution provider with a wide range of capabilities, we can guarantee smooth workflows without interface problems.


Our commitment to you:

  • Reliable budgeting
  • Short time-to-market
  • Reliable deadlines
  • Compliance with agreed to quality
  • Flexibility in response to project changes
  • Optimized interfaces
  • Transparent project communication
  • Well-organized and clear project documentation
  • Regular project reporting
  • Cost and deadline tracking


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