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We work with belt and braces to ensure that energy and media are always available.

Energy Management

We help you in saving costs – with an efficient supply concept

We not only supply energy, we will also advise you as to how you can procure services at the best possible cost. Our objective is to retain you as a long-term customer by supplying you with energy and media as cost and resource-effectively as possible. In order to achieve this objective, we review your entire energy demand in detail and develop an energy-supply concept specifically tailored to your needs. Our experts are trained in the latest state of the art, and will work with you to develop a feasible approach toward greater energy efficiency that will be reflected in reduced costs over the mid-term. Of course, our considerations also include the current price situation as well as price development scenarios, including the constantly evolving regulatory framework conditions.

Our Services:

  • Portfolio management for cost and risk-optimized supply of your power, natural gas, and CO2 certificate requirement.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the most important commodity markets (oil, natural gas, power, coal, etc.) and forecasting their developments.
  • Advice related to energy laws, directives and policies to ensure the associated compliance of your company, and leveraging available cost-optimization opportunities.
  • Increasing energy-efficiency by means of structured, systematic and on-going analysis of energy usage and costs. Implementation of DIN ISO 50001
  • Optimized execution of operational processes, such as invoicing, monitoring of relevant key performance indicators and target price monitoring.
  • Contract management: Drafting, negotiating, maintaining customer agreements
  • Claims management
  • Strategic and operational know-how with focus on power and natural gas from a single source.
  • Customer-specific solutions for the consolidated energy requirements at the GENDORF Chemical Park site, and companies in the surrounding environment.


Jürgen Tröster

Head of Energy Industry, Trade and Distribution

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