Integrated Solutions
For Environmental Safety
Our environmental measurements and analysis methods create a database for plant operators or municipalities that is compliant with regulations.

Approval management

Success without detours: Together with our experts for permits, this is no problem

Involved early in the planning, InfraServ Gendorf supports you with practical assistance in permit procedures, so you can avoid unnecessary costs. We advice you on topics which require approval and manage your projects until the final acceptance of the authorities. In this context, we afford you all necessary services for plant construction as well as operational services. Our experts are always up-to-date regarding legislation and make sure that your projects get authorized as fast as possible, without secondary costs.

Plant permission

Not only in terms of plant construction, but also during operation, there are many permit procedures to be noted and local regulations to be observed. Our service contains all topics of permission and safety related questions in case of new development, reconstruction and approval management. We serve our customers from the formation of the basic concept to the full implementation, from planning to building and far more.

Our services:

  • Survey of plant operation conforming to the regulations
  • Fulfillment of the conditions and documentation
  • Preparation of expert assessments and calculation of the propagation
  • Organization and supporting of project presentations, hearings and discussions with the regulatory authorities

Water Usage

The usage of surface water for public use is allowed to everybody. But as soon as you take out groundwater, discharge wastewater or simply want to drain rainwater, you are bound to fulfill separate water permits.

For many years, the approval management of InfraServ Gendorf supports plant operators with practice-based and professional advice in all terms of water usage.

Our services:

  • Consulting for legal requirements e.g. WHG/BayWG, German Waste Water Ordinance, German Self- Monitoring Ordinance, Waste Water Levy Act
  • Execution and supporting of permit procdures concerning water law, mentoring of running cases
  • Preparation of application documents or reports (e.g. UVU/UVP, saP)
  • Measurement of pollutant concentrations, calculation of the freight rate
  • Organization and supporting of project presentations, hearings and discussions with the regulatory authorities
  • Providing of a water protection officer

Nature protection

In your position as plant operators, you are bound to ensure environmental safety as well as the compatibility of your projects with the targets of nature conservation (especially at FFH-regions or bird sanctuaries). Our approval management provides solutions, both for professional monitoring of environmental factors and for the smooth operation in dealings with authorities – because we know that the whole project can be based on this process.

Our services:

  • Screening of planning designs and the commitment to an EIA
  • Support during scoping hearings with authorities and preparation of the necessary documents
  • Description and assessment of the entire environmental situation at the planned site
  • Immission forecasts and result evaluation
  • Analysis of the environmental impact (UVU)
  • Inclusion of reports in terms of nature conservation
  • Evaluation and preparation of objections


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